Mapping the Current Open Science Potentials at Serbian Universities
P1 (1)
Report on the existing national legislatives and institutional incentives related to the implementation of open science principles in research and education
P2 (1)
Report on the current open science practice in Serbia and the registry of institutional open science repositories and related information infrastructures
P3 (1)
Mapping the situation regarding the awareness and knowledge of open science principles within academic community
Developing and Adjusting Guidelines, Policies, and Incentives
A1 (2)
Study visit to the Leiden University and University of Udine to transfer know-how regarding on EU open science practices and transfer of know-how regarding the guidelines, mandates, and legislations underpinning open science in research and education
A4 (2)
Recommendations to the national Action Plan for improving the impact and accountability of publicly-funded research through the implementation of open science principles (incorporated into National Strategy for Scientific and Technological Development)
Infrastructural Support for the Open Science Principles
B1 (1)
Study visit to London to transfer experience and knowledge related to research data planning, sharing, and management
B2 (1)
National standards and guidelines for the development of web services, institutional repositories and databases enabling the implementation of open science principles
B4 (1)
Development of web service for the knowledge transfer between universities and industry
Building Capacities for Implementation of Open Science Principles
C1 (1)
Study visit to the National Technical University of Athens to transfer experience and knowledge related to the university-industry linkages and the evaluation of research impacts
C2 (2)
Building the registry of private foundations and non-governmental institutions funding research
Quality Control of Project Activities
Q4 (0)
External audit
Currently there are no outcomes for this activity.
Dissemination and Exploitation
D1 (36)
Raising awareness on open science policies developed at national and institutional level
D2.1 (1)
Project website design and maintenance
E2 (1)
Advanced support system for implementation of open science at Serbian universities
M1 (1)
Setting up project management bodies and task management working groups
M2 (27)
Project management
M4 (1)
M5 (1)
Financial reports and bookkeeping