Open Science: Practices and Perspectives

WP4 C3 Training of university staff, policy makers, journal editors, and research benefactors in use of open science platforms
Mar 30, 2020

A publication entitled Open Science: Practices and Perspectives was published which is available at the University of Novi Sad (OPEN) repository.

The publication aims to make available to all researchers topics that are changing the entire international research space, introducing new rules of academic conduct and new academic skills. The legal and technical infrastructure for open science has been developed as part of the project, and the many important areas of open science that need to involve researchers in current scientific developments form the backbone of this publication.

The publication explains in more detail the principles of open science, depositing research results and data in an institutional repository, the possibility of preregistering research, open review, open code, open methodology, and the functionality of the Dspace-CRIS platform, which is the basis of institutional repositories in Serbia.