Meeting with Serbian partner institutions 20.12.2019.

WP7 M3 Kick-off, Consortium meetings and Partner Country meetings
Dec 20, 2019

The coordinating institution of ERASMUS+ BE-OPEN project, University of Novi Sad, organized a meeting with Serbian partner institutions, so as to discuss the repository installation at partner institutions, that is its operability and progress of data import. The organization of trainings for repository administrators at partner universities were also discussed, as well as the content of final conference in April, 2020.

Simultaneously with this meeting, an additional one was held where technical issues regarding repository functionalities were discussed among IT staff from partner universities and the company in charge of repository software desvelopment and customisation.

Both meetings were held at University of Novi Sad.

Attendance list 20.12.2019.
BEOPEN Agenda 20.12
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