International Conference on the Third Mission of the University

WP6 D1 Raising awareness on open science policies developed at national and institutional level
Nov 19, 2018

The Conference on the Third Mission of the University is organized within Erasmus+ project “Institutional framework for development of the third mission of universities in Serbia”. It provides an arena for scholars, professionals, graduate students, policy-makers and other interested parties in all three pillars of Universities’ Third Mission to present their research and good practices and obtain in depth feedback on their work through interaction with a group of distinguished international scholars. The venue of the Conference is the Scientific Technological Park Zvezdara, the leading institution which connects business and academia.

Team members of the Erasmus+ project BE-OPEN will present a paper which describes a study based on the survey of Serbian researchers' attitudes towards open science. The attitudes on open access and users’ preferences regarding institutional open science repositories were examined on a sample of 850 Serbian researchers. The results of the factor mixture analysis revealed three clusters of researchers (names The Sceptics, The Goal-Oriented, and Personal Motivation) based on five latent dimensions (named Negative attitudes, Personal scientific impact, Scientific communication and knowledge transfer, Efficiency of publishing procedures, and Visibility of repository content). Analyses of differences in class membership among researchers from five broad research fields suggested that the differences are largest regarding tendencies towards efficiency of publishing and personal scientific impact.

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