Study visit to University of Udine, Italy

WP2 A1 Study visit to the Leiden University and University of Udine to transfer know-how regarding on EU open science practices and transfer of know-how regarding the guidelines, mandates, and legislations underpinning open science in research and education
Sep 25, 2017 - Sep 27, 2017

The study visit to University of Udine, Italy, was held from 25¬th to 27th September 2017. The workshop was organized and led by the team members from Udine University: prof. dr. Carla Piazza and prof. dr Marina Lenisa. Participants in the three day workshop were teachers, researchers and administrative staff from partner institutions: University of Novi Sad, University of Arts in Belgrade, University of Belgrade, University of Kragujevac, University of Nis and State University of Novi Pazar.

Due to the long-term experience of University of Udine when Open Access is concerned, the workshop participants had the opportunity to get insight into its organizational and technical infrastructure supporting the implementation of Open Access policies, furthermore its policies and best practices related to Open Science. Apart from home lecturers, speakers from University of Trieste, University of Glasgow, University of Milano, University of Torino, SISSA and CINECA were also invited to share their experiences on the given topic with the participants.

BEOPEN 2015 09 25-27 Udine List of Participants
BEOPEN Study visit Udine agenda