International open access week at the University of Belgrade: Kickstart your ORCID ID!

WP6 D1 Raising awareness on open science policies developed at national and institutional level
Oct 30, 2017

University of Belgrade - Computer Center has released a set of brief video tutorials about ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor) IDs. The video’s are in Serbian and should be understood throughout the Western Balkans.

They are intended for all those who (still) do not have ORCID profiles, but they may also be useful for registered ORCID users who have not fully set up their profiles.

Each topic is explained in a short video (about 6 minutes) aimed at helping users register and maintain their ORCID profiles. Additional lessons will be recorded as needed.

The topics covered are:

(1) Basic information about ORCID and why it is important to have an ORCID

(2) Where are ORCID are visible in e-resources in Serbia and who has it?

(3) Initial registration – good (and bad) practices of ORCID profiles

(4) Entry of basic data into an ORCID profile

(5) Expanding ORCID Profile with works (articles)

During the first week the tutorials visited by more than 1500 participants, and 550 of them created their ORCID properly.