Team for Open Science in Serbia (TONuS) formed at MESTD

WP6 D1 Raising awareness on open science policies developed at national and institutional level
Jan 20, 2020

By the decision of Minister Mladen Šarčević, the Team for Open Science in Serbia (TONuS) was formed, and the first working meeting was held on January 16, 2020. The basic topics that TONuS will deal with were defined as well as their corresponding coordinators. Open science has become a reality and a need for all disciplines in the research community in the Republic of Serbia. By adopting the Platform for Open Science (2018) and the Law on Science and Research (2019), the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development has expressed its commitment to the implementation of open science principles in Serbia. In the previous two years, numerous changes and activities have been identified that need to be undertaken in order to effectively implement the principles of open science in Serbia (APC, data depositing, education at all levels, inclusion of Serbia in the EOSC).

Among the others, members of TONuS are State Secretary in charge of science and technological development Dr. Vladimir Popović, all line assistants to the Minister (Dr. Viktor Nedović, Dr. Marina Soković, Dr. Saša Lazović), as well as a wider group of researchers and experts in this field. Three members of the BE-OPEN project team are also members of TONuS. The main mission of the Team is to define, acknowledge, and regulate all the changes that open science brings in the next few years, as well as to introduce them into the research community of Serbia as soon as possible.

MESTD decision TONuS